bearing housing STUCK in joint

Hello jrose,

at Stridaforum!

What a pity…once again I’m thinking: “Why can’t you guys not just simply live around the corner…”

Well, one after another;
(what I really don’t get is that the bearing housing, or outer ring, at the picture looks like a thread ??), however, I do partially understand the trouble of the store…
More precisely in that case the question should be:
“Are you able to retract just the outer ring of a bearing (in some kind of blind hole)”
The bearing extractor’s edges are intended to work with the inner ring (size is based on inner ring diameter), maybe it’s better to use the next, bigger size for extracting the outer ring.
Moreover that have the edges to be sharp (to hook below the ring) and the torque of the bolt high.

In your case I’d really start working with a thin grinding cutter disc for Dremel…and yes, that’s nasty work, the effort for a complete change in DIY relatively high.
Alternatively, I’d also consider a new bottom tube; they’re not as expensive as you might think - and they come usually with the bearings mounted.
Perhaps you ask Bill for a quote:

Btw, better than a slide hammer (which can easily tilt) is for my meaning a special pulling device - these were not made just for fun :laughing:

For the bearings:
This size will (most likely) be manufactured in different types; meaning with one, two or without covers.
You should mount it depending on the type you get; if you get a bearing with just one cover - then has the cover; logically, to be on the outside :wink: