Barnfind-rebuild-pics-help needed ;-)

Het guys. So, i’m new on the forum and at first, excuse me for my bad writing, 'cause i’m from Belgium.

So, i got my hands on an old Strida. I t must be the first generation, because it has a straight steering and no foldable handlebars. It also doesn’t has the foldable pedals. :confused:

The missing foldable handlebars and foldable pedals, are not that important to me, so i will leave the Strida original.

Question 1: is this the very first type? It has a number that says 6620

The bike is in a poor state, but then again, everyting os working properly. No rattles, no suspicious noises, no abnormal play …

So i decided to give this Strida a new life it deserves.

In around 3 houres, the bike is completely stripped.

The next few days, it will be sanding off the whole frame, then give it a prime, and then a glossy spray.

I removed and sanded away all the rust here and there and also he alluminium bracket plates because some corrosion began to show.

When spripping the bike, the steering bracket seems worn out. I just don’t like the look of it inside. But then again, the pivot shows no play and it still feels like it’s in a good solid lock between the two steerings halfs. But i will replace it anyway.

Question 2: can someone tell me where i can order or buy the original steerings halfs? Like shown in the picture?

Question 3: i forgot to measure up the distance between the steering and the locking mechanism above the front wheel. Can someone measure this up for me? I would be greatful … :unamused:

Question 4: i can’t get the plastick thing out the horizontal frame bar where it connects into the locking mechanism. Is it removable or not? I got the screws out, but no movement at all … and i hate banging with a hammer … it would be nice if i could get it out, because it is easier to spray when everyting is removed …

Question 5: i think i miss a part. When folding, there is a piece missing. I think it is some kind of clip that holds the frame bars together … or could it be i am missing something logical? :unamused:

The shafts and bearings definitely need some fresh grease, as the old grease is hardened out and no good anymore.

I will go for the Brooks saddle and i’m also thinking of leather grips. And i will spray the wheels in chocolat brown … and the frame in ‘Libian Sand’ … love that colour!

As i stripped the Strida, i noticed no abnormal play and i must admit: this thing is simple but yet o so smart! And it feels like quality stuff … no cheap materials … except for those steerings halfs … :frowning:

Lots of questions, i know. But it would be super if someone could help me out here. My hands are aching to put this beautiful piece of art back together.


How can i get this plastic thing out without using brute force or a hammer?

Someone knows where i can get this item? Help needed. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Dear guzzio,

be welcome at Stridaforum!

Naturally I do appreciate your enthusiasm and many thanks for the pics. :smiley:

Please may I suggest that you first use the forum search (upper right corner) and the term “MK1”, the hits will most likely answer all of your questions.

Unfortunately I can’t recommend to ride this bike - most likely you will not be able to find any spare parts.
(Exceptions are some parts from newer versions and complete “spare bikes”.)

Sorry, but I’m studying Strida for just six years, actually I’m not familiar with MK1 versions…

Good luck!

Hmmm … a few hours later and i have scrolled all the 6 pages in this forum ‘Riders Report’. Very intresting.

So i have the MK1 like i thought.

The old girl looks a bit sad … but i am determined and make here a perfect daily ride again.

I have sent an email to ‘VanMoof’ and ‘Velorution’ and i hope they can help me out with the top ball joint. If not, then i am thinking of a modification like someone else on this forum did …

This bike is way to much fun, so can’t blame me for giving this a second life.

But yes … i am doubting. Keep it in its original colour or let my fantasie take over … :smiley:

This is interesting!


Update. I will keep this Strida for special occasion. I have fount a recent model by accident, so i have 2 lovely Strida’s now!!! :smiley:

Frame Ivory white.
Wheels chocolate brown.
Brooks sadle.
Leather wrapped steering wheel.

And the upper ball joint will be upgraded to the newer model.

Parts on the way. :wink:

Good idea to choose a recent model, too :smiley:

I’m curious how to do that, looking forward…

Well … i was planning to keep the MK1 Original, but that won’t be possible due to no more parts available. :frowning:

So i am going to order the plastic upper ball cup from a recent Strida, cut the steering tubing, fiddle the ball cup in and … i think this will work.

Keep you all posted guys. Soon pics of my recent Strida ‘every day driver’.

Damn … should it be addicted? :mrgreen:

Almost …

Washed out the bearings. New grease. Love the looks.

Hej - why didn’t you tell us earlier that you’re a professional conservator? :smiley:

Very well done - respect!


Wow, it looks great. Enjoy your new, [old] Strida.


That’s right!
At first sight I’d never suspect an ancient MK1 behind this whte beauty :laughing:

Hi guzzio,

remarkable paint job.

About the ball joint holder, I wound’t ride on it: it’s a safety critical part and your joint holder looks in bad shape, tough not as bad as mine.