Ballon Tires on 18" Strida?

Hello Everyone!

Just wondering if anyone has thought about a more comfortable ride using Schwalbe ballon tires. The Schwalbe website promotes them extensively, says they add a lot of comfort, roll easily and are used on several Dahon folders.

Has anyone out there tried ballon tires on their Strida? If so, could you reply with your experience. Wondering if they fit the bike ok without removing the fenders, and if the bike folds with no problem with the fatter tires.


Hello YooDig?,

for a 18" Strida wheel fit just two tyre sizes:
18 x 1,25 (ETRTO 32-355) and 18 x 1,35 (ETRTO 35-355).

Schwalbe Big Apple 18 x 2,00 (ETRTO 50-355) are definitely too big :cry:

Schwalbe Big Apple 16 x 2,00 (ETRTO 50-305) would fit to the Strida frame, but, of course, on 16" wheels.

Thicker 18" wheels for SX

18" mudguards mounted today on my 5.2 with Marathon Plus

would strida be ok for hardpack gravel?

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Thank you BlackStridaAustria. My apologies for the delayed response. Your info was very helpful.
Thanks again – David in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Gladly, David! :smiley:

Have a safe and comfortable ride!

Hi riders, what do you think of this tires for Strida 18"?
2x Schwalbe Kojak Slick Reifen 32-355 18 x 1,25 schwarz RaceGuard falt B157g

Schwalbe Kojak 32-355

Advantage: lightweight, low rolling resistance due to high pressure (5,0 - 8,0 bar) and no profile, no need to watch the mounting direction, room saving spare tyre for longer rides (foldability)

Disadvantage: less comfortable due to high pressure, less traction on wet or sandy roads, not suitable for cobble stones or hardpack gravel

The Kojak is my favourite tyre - high speed with less effort :sunglasses:
I’d recommend not to ride Kojak’s without carrying pump and tyre repair kit, small spiky stones may cause flats.

Kojak’s are mentioned at several posts, please find also more opinions via the forum search (49 matches) :wink: