Ball joint unscrewed


The ball joint at the top has unscrewed - here is the photo. … 3%2019.jpg

What do I do? How do I screw it back in, and how could this happen?


Hello Andrey,

I’m sorry to say…but I think that’s very bad.

Please note first that the ball is secured by a small hexagon socket set screw from the underside of the top joint.
The green arrow is pointing in direction of this screw keysize Allen 3 mm.
You will have to loosen that little bolt!

Unfortunately you won’t be able to screw the ball back in without unmounting of the blue arrowed part!

Furthermore, are these parts of the Aluminium frame thread?

I mean that’s a relatively complicated issue; you might need assistance of a local (Strida) bike mechanic.
Please be careful, you can make things still more worse (without, at least, detailed instructions).
Try not to pull out the ball by force, you would destroy the plastic part.

Would taking off the ball joint socket (plastic bit) work to fix the issue?
The bike is 1 year old, do you know if the warranty would work for me? I’m in Russia - have low hopes for service here(

Therefore I’ve asked for the Aluminium thread…

Look, the main problem is the thread of the frame!
If the Aluminium thread is damaged you cannot fix it.
We both will not be able to judge the condition of the thread, I’m afraid of.
If the frame thread is OK then could this issue be repaired, but it’s not easy!
More below…

Sorry, no idea, but you should always contact first your local dealer(distributor) for a warranty claim.
Did you already ask ?

Guess you will understand the complexity of the required action soon…
It’s a short version without parts numbers and hints:

  1. Loosen the cable clamp bolt and remove the brake cable
  2. Pull the cable hose out of the steering tube
  3. Loosen the plastic joint bolt (Phillips head screw) and remove the second plastic part (black).
  4. Remove the grey plastic parts
  5. Loosen the hexagon socket screw (green arrow), mount the ball
  6. Tighten the hexagon socket screw
  7. Put the grey plastic halves over the ball and reinsert them into the steering tube
  8. Pull the cable hose forward through the steering tube, passing the grey plastic part
  9. Push the black plastic part in the frame, secure the grey plastic part with the Phillips screw
  10. Thread the cable hose through the steering tube
  11. Reinsert the brake cable and tighten the clamp bolt
    (12. Readjust the brake pads)

Note: During removal of the black plastic part will it’s barbed hooks most likely break;
it should be replaced.

Well a damged thread in the frame could be repaired using a Helicoil insert. This solution has been existing for years and is even used to repair threads in engine blocks.

The condition to work is that there is still enough material to drill a bigger hole in the frame without weakening it.

Why you do not contact that is best service for Strida in Russia