Ball Joint (Ball Part Part Number 273) Is Loose

UPDATE: please disregard this post as the problem was solved already. I popped the ball joint and the ball had a hex key hole. So I tightened it and re-greased the socket.

Hi guys! Good day!

I noticed this problem everytime I’m using my front brakes. Seems like the front tube would move forward a bit then I discovered that the ball joint is kinda loose and moving from its mounting on the rear tube.

My question is, is there a way to tighten this part (part number 273), the ball joint or the metal ball that connects the front and rear tube? Or at at least put the part tightly in place?

Thank you.

Hello Chester,

I’ve already an idea, please wait a short time…

Shooting and uploading pics :smiley:

Hi BSA, sorry for the false alarm though but thanks for your prompt reply. But for the interest of fellow Striders, the ball has a hex key hole. I never noticed that before when it pops out. Anyway, I was able to extract the part and wrapped teflon tape around the screw and placed it back and tightened it up. I then applied grease on the socket and popped it back it.

Ah, good that you noticed that.
But why did you use the teflon tape?
I mean you should use a thread locking compound instead of teflon.

For your update:
No, I’ll not disregard it, because it might be interesting for other users!



[size=150]It pops out…and you popped it back in??[/size]

:open_mouth: :confused: :unamused:

Source: Tips from Mark.pdf

Unfortunately, I have to overextend the front tube to pop out the ball joint then popped it back in by attaching the bottom tube to the locking pin and pushed the ball into the socket.

I forgot I just had taken out from the toolbox the super glue that I should use to lock the screw. Oh well.

not to hi-jack but mine popped out for the second time yesterday :frowning:

I popped it back in.

Ha - guilty for high-jacking - therefore you’ll be moved :laughing:

Please scroll three posts up and read on here, too:
Re: Ball joint unscrewed

It’s a lot of work, but I’d replace the ball “pan” 215-11 and 215-12 as soon as possible - because there shall be

[size=150]no compromises in security matters![/size]

Thanks for the move, I will probably go this direction and replace my ball joint.

I was in a city where having a nice fancy bike would make you a target but a nice fancy bike would also get you from point a to point b with less local interaction. So it was a scary incident for a moment. I popped it back it with not too much effort and rode to work and then home.