Bag for Strida SX?

Hi folks,

After wanting one for a long time, I bought a Strida SX in Japan last year. At the time, I was informed that the standard carry bag wouldn’t fit the SX.

I brought it back to the US wrapped in a lot of plastic, and ended up paying a $200 bicycle luggage charge.

So, my question is, what experiences have SX owners had with travel bags, and are there any out there that have golf company logos on them (since golf bags don’t have overage charges) :slight_smile:? Thanks.

Does the SX have a different frame or only different wheels? I own a MAS upgraded with 18" wheels. This fits in the bag and it’s not a tight fit.


Hi to all,

below the original Strida Car/Boat travel bag ST-BB-002 (vanmoof 7560003), filled with my brushed silver Strida:

available here:

As you can see, it fits a Strida SX, equipped with bended steering, barend horns and Schwalbe Marathon Plus 18" x 1,35 (!), without any problem.

The seat mounting must be set to the lowest possible position (using the upper mounting hole for the seat pin).

The bag can be folded, stored in a little bag sewn on it, and can be fixed to the carrier via four velcro strips:

(Personally, instead of folding the bag I would prefer to solve Rubik’s Cube… :confused: )

Hope this helps…

B. r.

Wow, well, that is a nice bag, and more practical than the “nylon cover” that I have now: … cts_id=140

Any thoughts on the difference between this and the “airplane travelbag”? Any thoughts on avoiding the bicycle charge? Thanks.

I tried it with the airplane/travel bag. Here was no need to move the saddle down.


Hi drinian,

I think above bag is a medium between yours and the aeroplane bag.
The material of the aeroplane bag seems to be thicker than my bag, this might legitimate the higher price.
The shown bag also has the “fold-up the trouser legs” functionality like yours, to roll the Strida within the bag, seen here:

I do not know if the aeroplane bag does have this function or not, sorry.

Thinking about your words, being neither flyer nor golfer, I am actually a little bit confused:
Do you mean that on a plane the “over weight” costs depend on declaration, not the real weight? :open_mouth:

W. r.

On United Airlines, if you check a golf bag, it’s free.

If you check a bicycle, it’s $200 USD for “special handling”. Any bicycle, even one like the Strida that’s lighter than a golf bag and the same size.

Thanks for all your help… having the roll-on bag was very useful for trains in Tokyo, I’m going to look into the airplane bag as a complement.

Here is the description of the “aeroplane travel bag” in the accessories list of the local distributor of Strida in Hong Kong:
Rugged padded travel bag suitable for travelling on plane, trains, buses…etc.

The material of the “aeroplane travel bag” is definitely thicker than that of the “car/boat travel bag”. However, the “aeroplane travel bag” is just a carry bag and the bike cannot be strolled after you put it into the bag. Futhermore, the “aeroplane travel bag” cannot be folded as neat as the “car/boat travel bag”.

This is right. It has some padding, not unlike a notebook bag, maybe a little less. It is a lot stiffer and can only be carried. Here is no way to fold it like the other bags. I would not trust the padding to save the brake discs against rough luggage handling.

Video: Preparing a Strida for airplane travel

Link: Legal fight, Air Canada

@Tom_ Thanks for the info!

Such an approach is human goofiness and arrogance in highest perfection possible… :imp:
It is against all logical, economical and ethical principles…could barf…

Now we have to figure out how to convert a Strida into a golf-caddy, with least effort. :wink:


found on:

Finally got my camera out and took some pictures of the travel bag.

The bag can be folded and rolled up like a sleeping bag. The logo is stitched, not printed.

Folded bike, I think it is the same size like an SX:

Bike inside the bag, fits easily:

Closed bag:

Full gallery:


Thanks so much! I will probably end up ordering one of the airplane travel bags, along with the mudguards I’ve been meaning to get.

However, I’m wondering about one other thing. The maximum luggage size on United Airlines to avoid an oversize fee* is 62 linear inches, or 158 linear centimeters. This is length + width + height. I’ve measured my Strida at 45" x 22" x 12" = 79 linear inches, or 114 cm x 56 cm x 30 cm = 200 linear centimeters. Does anyone think I’m over-estimating the size?

  • Again, I think golf bags can be bigger than 62 linear inches.

Just an idea (and not a cheap one), you could get an custom made flight case:

In this case your Strida should be safe. :slight_smile:

Hi Tom_,

Thanks for the useful link!