bad seat design

have had my 5.0 for a few weeks, like it, have done couple of 20 mile runs, no problems. climbing hills isn’t much of a big deal (i do 20 miles a day on my daily commute so have bike legs anyway). speed is fine. it’s a fun bike to ride for just knocking about.

what i really don’t like is the seat design. instead of the plastic seat attachment it should be fixed attachment with a seat and seat post that can be moved up and down. this would do away with the entire geometry of the bike changing with every adjustment. something along the lines of this:

that looks to low but it’s a better design for the seat.

as it is i’m way too far up and the handle bars are too close. i’d had to move it down to feel less cramped but now my legs aren’t extended enough.

my 2 cents.

Interesting Strida-Like-Object you’ve linked there! I wonder if anyone has any links for tests or reviews?

As for your problem, Rick, may I ask how tall you are? I am exactly 6 feet tall and I just make it under the bars with my seat up near the top. Perhaps I have short legs, though … Oh, were you aware that there is a curved handlebars upgrade available? … e=upgrades

5’10. i’ve adjusted it several times and found what works for me, kinda, but still don’t like that to move the seat i have to unscrew/screw/fiddle/repeat…

i think that little look alike design is more practical. makes me wonder why MAS went with this design. the seat/post thing has worked well for a long time and i think it would have worked well for the Strida too.

thought about the other handlebars but decided since it’s a knockabout bike that i’ll just live with it. just curious about a curious design choice!

Mark is also a tall guy (6’4") who rides his Strida without problem.

I think that if a fixed attachment with a seat and seat post is used on Strida, that would affect the shape, size, portability and aesthetic of the bike when folded.

Moreover, the shape of the seat mounting used on Strida makes the folded bike easy to be carried up stairs. :wink:

Furthermore, a plastic (nylon) seat mounting is much lighter and will give spring effect for absorbing shocks from the ground.

The Strida has an upright riding position like Dutch bikes, with close handlebars for best visibility and best for the back. This riding position may feel un-familar to racing enthusiasts - who need to crouch down for minimum wind resistance, but is probably better for the rest of us . Some more pictures (off MAS Design’s web site) which show this … … 6884796322 … 8629284914
And a classic pic … … osture.jpg

The seat position works well for me as what we Brits refer to as a ‘shortarse’. I am just a bit over 5’6". It is unarguable that tall people can have problems accommodating their legs under the handlebars - that fact that it is just possible to do so doesn’t deal with the issue that many tall riders refer to. Looking at the photographs of the folded bike, I can’t see how a Strida 6, couldn’t have a short seat post to allow taller riders to lift their seat up a bit without the need to move it forward. The problem would be that the post would tend to foul up on the rear upright triangle tube, so unless it was a telescopic kind of tube collapsing in on itself, it would have very limited height adjustment.

I’m always suspicious of the plastic moulding for the seat. There are web based records of some of them breaking. I’m of the generation that expects structural parts to be made from metals. Call me old fashioned, but I think the pulleys should be metal too.

I look at those pictures and the tall riders remind me of the big wheel bikes from old. Considering the quick steering of the Strida I would think sitting that far up would make it more so.

I mocked up what I think would work (hey, I’m no graphic artist, and this was done with a “works” drawing tool so be kind!):

obviously the seat holder isn’t aligned with the picture 'cause I just added to the picture I took from the web but imagine it is.

That’s an interesting set of drawings.

The next question is what affect would it have on the folded size of the package. I can’t quite visualise it in its folded state.

ok, folded… :slight_smile: