Backlash on crankshaft.

Backlash on crankshaft. Since for one time the bolt for fixing the crankshaft to the crank got loose (resulting in quite some backlash), there is an anoying permanent backlash on the crankshaft when biking.

I tried to fill up de room between the alloy crankshaft and the crank itself with ordinary plumbertape. This is a fix that holds for a couple of days. The the tape wears out and the backlash is back.

Anybody any tips for fixing this?

Hello Tripplebase,

sounds like it would be the best to change the crankshaft…
Do you have a local dealer?
Would it be possible for you to post pictures?

Best regards,


I agree that a change would be best. I’ve had this problem on a number of older bikes in the past. Temporary fixes with tape, putty etc never held for long.