back out on my Strida 5 again !!

Hi fellow Strida owners, just to let you all know, my first ride on my Strida today after a pretty horrible winter here in the UK, seems to be running fine, even though its been sitting still for a few month, normally start cycling around February after the winter months here, but unfortunately saw someone getting knocked off their bike on the dual carriage way which i cycle on, which put me off. :neutral_face:

I have to say, im glad im out on my Stida now , although it was very windy today, felt like i was cycling backwards :open_mouth:

I noticed on another thread that vanmoof are now selling the LT wheels :question: , i thought that ming were never going to sell them, it was what i was after last year, but i settled for a pair of 18" instead, oh well! :unamused:

Nice 1 … Remember THE biggest ‘friction factor’ on any small wheeled bike is tyre pressure - I use 85+psi on metal rims and boy does it make a difference compared to 45psi