ATS speed drive maintenance reminder

Hi folks,
just let me tell you this:
Recently I’ve got mail regarding a defective ATS speed drive, part of a Strida MAS and it was purchased around 2011.
When I asked how often it was greased and when, during the last 11 years of extensive use, I’ve got the reply:
“Really? It must be greased?”
Well, indeed yes, these kind of drives (equal if Schlumpf or ATS) do need grease; at least each year during normal use.
At excessive use, it will be better to lube twice per year.

Can I use any grease?

OMG - no, please be very careful!
Just use the wrong grease once - and you will notice that the plastic backplate will warp.
(It warps that much that the drive will start leaking sooner or later.)
The right grease has to be suitable for use on plastic material.

In doubt, please stay with the manufacturer’s recommendation, this will be small syringes or tubes which may look expensive at first sight (~ 10€).
BUT, considering that there is just a tiny amount of grease required (= few ml), there will one portion of grease last for several years.

How do I grease?

  1. Find the sixth screw at the right drive plate which does not match to the other five (neither in the pentagram pattern nor in the bolt’s head shape).
  2. Remove that screw.
  3. Now rotate the drive until you find a second hole, below the screw hole.
  4. Insert the tip of tube (or syringe) through both holes and press a few ml of grease directly inside your drive.
  5. Mount the grease hole bolt again.

More info required?
Refer to chapter C-1 of the manual:

International grease source:

EU source for Schlumpf grease: … 92020.html