ATS Speed Drive in Hong Kong

Hi all! I just got a strida a week ago, ride a couple of times with my son (him on his frog bike), and love it, started looking for upgrades (mine is a 5.2 with 18" wheels). I suppose I am just like any new-comer, wanting the curved handle bar, the spring saddle, even considering if it is appropriate to change one wheel into carbon. But of all, I really want to get the dual-speed Speed-Drive! I am no mechanics, and a bit concerned if I have to fix it myself if I buy it through ebay… Anyone could advise if there is anywhere in Hong Kong which they could help me install the ATS Speed-Drive? Many many thanks!!

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Hello Alex,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

Regarding speed-drive - did you already talk with Philip from G. U. M.?

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Hi Chris,

Thanks so much for the quick response!

No, I have not spoken to anyone, and thanks so much for the lead!!! I will write to him and enquire about it.

Again, thanks so much!

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Nah - no reason for thanks :smiley:

I’m sure Philip will be able to help you.
You’re lucky to be very close to the source of all goodies :laughing:

This page(s) might match your interest, too:

Please let us know how it goes :wink: