Anything can happen in mainland China...

A fakes maker in mainland China just removed the “i” from “Strida” and treat it as their own brand. :imp:


Moreover, they use the name “AREAWARE” which is the name of the distributor of Strida in the USA on their website too. :confused:

They don’t seems to have noticed they have the wrong text to the right pictures or the wrong pictures to the right pictures.

They claim the wheels are injection molded but show the pics of the metal rims. And they claim the brakes are drum when they show the pics of the most modern Strida 5 disc breaks.

but 138 Euro is a very low price. Had they been a local dealer I maybe would have bought one. They cost three to four times that price here.

Which is a lie as far as we know. They wouldn’t say such thing
f the law was same as in our country and in most countries who
have sign that agreement on protecting IP.

It is Ming Cycles who has the legal rights to makes them? Cause
they payed for that right.

Its maybe they have simply bought some Ming Strida’s and just made a web site … just to see the interest and only if they get some idiots with more money than sense - ordering say several container loads do they actually make it (or not … they could just be scam artists and take the money ! … obviously they have zero regard for the law or any morals).

Assuming they then try and actually make it, they may get a big surprise because although Strida looks simple and has few parts … from what i see, they are all custom and specialised, with some critical tolerances and material specs … not like any other bike.

There were copies of the A-Bike, but i heard the biggest culpret was the actual A-bike factory … selling ‘under the table’ or ‘out of the back door’.
Ming are a big company and the fakers are risking a lot to go up against them. Makes the previous thread HERE very relevant.

hi, I am not here to try to challenge the IP of those great inventors. I just want to point out that the patent (US4718688) of the triangle look strida was over. Other manufacturers are legal to produce similar look products. I think the wrong thing for those manufacturers is they use “Strida” like wording for their marketing. I do agree that they should not make use of “Strida” as this is invading other’s trademark.

They have same debate on bikeforums too.

I really like Mark Sanders as a person. Seems to be a friendly and innovative guy so I could easily support his view on boycott of fakes. And to name it Strda is lame or nasty. They could at least come up with something original in name.

Had I not known about Mark at all. If Strida was new to me then to find that a fake cost only 100USD would be very tempting. The Strida 3.2 cost some 6 times 100USD here and that they sell so few they had to go down to from 4500SEK to 3200SEK about 537 USD to sell them at all.

Is that the Strida 3.2 fake or is it mark 5 they sel in China?

Sorry me going a bit OT. Is it possible to see the Strida patent on the internet for free?

The photos and ads appear to be those from Ming Cycles of the real Strida. Why would “Strda” bother taking their own photos when they can copy them just like they did the bike? There is no way to tell what a “Strda” is but I’m guessing the price indicates quality is in the same league as the fake A bike.

Here you are. Please register for free to view the pdf

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Did I find the correct one?

Yes, hope you enjoy the deisgn shown in the pdf. I think I better register as member :smiley:

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Hahah, you had a very clever way of exposing the url. It would help spammers too much so hope they are not able to look at old cache to do the same.

The patent may be over in some countries but not all … ALSO … with such a distinctive shape and design Ming has a strong copyright case against these fakers. In most of the world there are also ‘passing off’ laws which are to prevent fakers from ‘pretending’ to be the original.

The problem is china … a growing country which wants to show it is modern, up to date and developed (witness olympics) … BUT who is still backward with its IP protection … china is STILL fake central for most things from watches to DVD, software.

The patent of the folding handle bars of Strida 3 and 5 hasn’t been over yet. :wink:
Filing Date: 03/28/2003

When does a patent expire? … xpire.html

That is a very good point - with that handlebar patent any current fake Stridas are also breaking patent law (as well as copyright, trademark etc.)

Even if the patent is over you can still fight them, like brompton’s patent was long over but when merc tried to make the same bike and sell them off as merc they got in alot of heated trouble outside of china.

They can try sell these within china since none of the makers there really care if anyone gets hurt if there are faulty parts at all but at least it would be harder to set this up in a distribution channel to publicly sell them in a developed country. Dvd’s and watches are easier to smuggle than a entire container of these things. I’ve never seen a clone for sale here in Toronto except through craigslist once and the silly guy tried to sell it for $500 CDN saying it’s real. Luckily I researched on this forum first to detect fakes and just walked out and ordered mine online :slight_smile:.