Anyone interested in an original Strida 2 bag

Hello Forum,

I had my Strida stolen last year and sadly I’ve decided not to replace it right now. I have still got my Original Strida bag though and would like to get it to a good home. It was bought in around 2003 I think and is in pretty much mint condition. I used it a couple of times for train journeys.

I could sell it on ebay, but I would rather that it went to a genuine enthusiast and user. If anyone is interested in it, get in touch. If you are in London and would like to pick it up from my office, even better! I am not looking for a lot of money for it, but a token gesture would be nice, say a tenner!

All the best,


Still available? How much? I’m in New York, USA Frank

I would! A tenner sounds like a deal if it’s still available?! Mine is a strida LT, would it fit? FYI I’m in London.