Anybody owns or has tried a Tikit?

The Bike Friday Tikit can also roll when folded.

Is there anybody owns or has tried a Tikit?
How is the portability of it comparing with Strida or the IF series?
Does it roll well just like Strida or the IF does?

Carbon Belt Tikit is Ready to Roll… :slight_smile:

The cheapest model is like $2500usd

Ummmm i’ll have to pass for now! stick with my strida or else ride a dahon. that’s like the rolls royce of folders, i’ll have to stick with the Honda with folders where reliability is all I need to get to work. :slight_smile:

The Tikit looks quite interesting, but I haven’t seen any here (I’ll start looking though whenever I go into a bike store).

You see Dahons quite often here in Taiwan (well duh) but I rode one or two and thought it was OK but I prefer my Strida. :smiley:

The Bike Friday Tikit Review and Comparison :sunglasses:

Strida vs Tikit :wink: