anybody can help me to find this frontbag?

Hello everyone!

I’m a new trida owner (strida mas) and i’m looking for a bag to carry clothes or other things.

I see a front bag in the web

someone has purchased the bag or know how to get it?


PD.: I live in Spain

Hello jaitower,

congratulations and welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

Even if this bag is looking very professional I’d suppose it is custom made.
But I’d love to create bags and I’m not that bad in sewing…how are your skills in creating a cutting plan for the fabric?
I guess you’re also not speaking Korean; but I do know somebody who does…want me to ask him?

However, to carry some clothes and a few gadgets in front will be OK, but heavier things I’d move to the rear carrier.


Bike is strange and useful at the same time :open_mouth: :smiley:

plizzzzzzz google translate does not help me ejjejej

:blush: I’m not creating good but in this web i can see a label in a photo, reason I think that can be sold somewhere

You’re right, I know… :unamused:
I’ll ask, may take a few days :smiley:

But only on the small one, or did I miss something?

Sure, the - btw very nice - Korean knew the answer, many thanks to:

That is actually a modified military backpack;
and with this info…I’ve found finally that:

Can’t be that much complicated this modifications…what do you think?

In the end you’re right; that is sold somewhere…just not especially for Strida :laughing:

Blackstridaaustria thank you very much!! you are my hero!! :mrgreen:

All thanks will be forwarded to Korea - he had the keyword!

You’re always welcome :laughing: