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This auction is for one Brand new Ezy folding bike. The frame and fork are made from 7000 series alluminium. One of the simplest and quickest folding bikes on the market. Folds and unfolds in seconds. Handlebars and pedals also fold away so it is very compact.
Transportation is a breeze. Put a bike (or two) in your boot for family fun and fitness on your next day out.
Cycle to work to beat rising fuel costs and keep it in your office until you are ready for home.
Great in your caravan or campervan. The possibilities are endless.
This bike looks a little strange but it is surprisingly easy to ride. Almost anyone can ride it.
Pick up is available from our factory or can arrange courier. For courier quote please email us your postcode.

It can really be folded!

There’s a similar bike in China, too.

Thanks or the info on this bike.

Sad that it is not small enough when folded. Very big. Not easy to have such big one when the Train or Bus is totally packed with people. Strida is really small when folded compared to the Ezy bike.

But Easy bike cost almost half in price?

I wonder if they have ball bearing both in upper and lower joint. That would make it easier to keep balance on. The added friction compared to a balljoint in upper joint on the Strida make it unique to get used to for us who are not good at getting used to such torque or friction.

The ebay thing is no more so I link to the home page on a-bikecentral forum instead. off topic chat

I’m not member here. :slight_smile: Not sure if Strida is for me I wait b4 becoming a member.

yuck !! and as the wheels dont go together it wont wheel along when folded … like a very very bad copy, No thanks, at any price !

I both agree and don’t agree.

Compared to the original Strida and all its incarnation this sure is a not on par. Strida is the only choice for those who think like Mark Sanders and he has put much thought behind Strida and that is why we like his perspective on how to make a foldable bike.

But the designer behind Ezybike thinks like the designer behind Mobiky and other bikes like that and it is possible to roll it beside when the owner of it are at a Bus station or Train Station or on the way to work or whatever.

I would be very surprised if that is not possible. All I’ve seen indicate that is what they intended. But it also possible to fold it some 5 or 10 centimeters further and that would make it not possible to roll it beside cause the wheels would hinder each other.

I loved the Strida at first sight and when I heard Mark Sanders tell how he thought I felt. Wow that is good thinking.

But I like how the Mobiky thinks too. You could sit on the folded Mobiky when you wait for the train or bus to arrive. That is not possible with a folded Strida. But the Mobiky take up more space when the Bus is very crowded.

So from that perspective the Carryme is even better thought out. Even take up less space than Strida does. S oif it had been made to carry my weight then I would have bought it today. Cost almost same as a Strida.

Is Ezybike even smaller when folded compared to Gecko bike?
Fred Weakling
PS I am member now.

12" wheeled model

14" wheeled model


Another Strida copy?