Another question about Stridas in Europe

I finally got to try one, a 3.3, in France. Very impressive, if somewhat bizarre for a first time rider. Got to try it on a hill too, and was satisfied with its climbing abilities as well. If the 5.0 is as much of an improvement as people say, then I’m definitely sold.

But now the question is, once again, where to buy. They cost more in France than in Germany, but there seems to be a better selection in France in terms of colours and accessories.

Why are the base models cheaper in Germany/Netherlands? That is the 100 Euro question. The dealer who I spoke to in France seemed to imply that they were not the same bike (my French is rusty at best so I don’t want to pretend that I knew exactly what he was saying). Of course, he has a vested interest in my buying from him. But is there any truth in what he said? Are all of the basic components/features exactly the same? We’re not talking about two slightly different versions here?

Anyone know?