Angel-House Party for Strida owners in Korea

There was a Strida owners’ meeting in KR on 23rd June 2007. About 60 Stridas and 3 A-bikes were there. We ran 25km at average speed of 17km/h. To follow Stridas, I had to pedal madly. That was agony to me. :cry:

After the group riding, Angel-House Party began !! A beautiful Strider, Ms. Angel thankfully invited me to her house. We were very happy together :wink:

  1. YouTube video (Click below picture to see the memorial video)

  2. Photo collection (click below picture to see all photos)

Hi Binch Shin. Looks like you have a good cycling community there!

I think I will eventually get an A-bike, but use it just for short rides where I really need the low weight & size to suit the circumstances, for example going somewhere where there’s very little space.

It’s interesting to read your comment about speed: I have another folder now, as well as the Strida 3. This new folder has 8 gears, but strangely, to cover the same speed & hill range around here, I need to use 3 to 4 of those gears to get the equivalent of the Strida speed & hill climbing! The Strida is pretty good, considering only 1 gear is available :slight_smile: I think it’s still my favourite bike :slight_smile:

Is the Strida 5 available in Korea now?


You know? The first place where a customer could buy the Strida 5.0 was Korea. hehe :smiley:

And the A-bike is a very very good vehicle for a short distance riding or avoiding traffic also for perfect diet. You will fall in love with A-bike. :wink: