An ingenious design of a chain and belt driven folding bike

The King of Folding Bikes ── The folding and unfolding steps of the FREE RIDE folding bicycle :sunglasses:

Out of the box :sunglasses:

Thanks Amuro, this bike looks really interesting!
Do you know if they ship to Europe?

As far as I know, they are out of stock at the moment.
However, I am afraid they won’t ship to Europe even after they have stock again. :unamused:
I think you’d better send an e-mail asking them directly. :wink:

Thanks again, dear Amuro!

I’ll try it…

Oh Dang Amuro! you got the super mini bike! that’s a very cool bike but I guess they’ll only ship to HK, I might have to ask my cousin to get one and hold it in his place until I go there in 2 months.

which site did you use to get it? and how is the ride quality? I think everyone here wants a review. Also would the 12inch schwalbe big apples fit? because that might really make it an amazing ride.

The bike is not mine actually. I just copied the photos from the forum of Hong Kong Strida Club. :mrgreen:

More photos :wink:


Bumble Bee, transform and roll out!