Am I just a klutz, or is my new Strida 5.0 SX too twitchy?

I bought a Strida 5.0 SX a couple of weeks ago from AreaWare via

I thought that the ‘larger’ 5.0 SX model would be appropriate for me:
Height = ~6’1"
Weight = ~225 pounds

I’ve ridden it 60 or 70 miles so far - several commutes to work and back - in the rain (I really need mudguards).

I took it on my first multi-modal commute on Tuesday via Amtrak (train).

On the way back to the train station in the afternoon, I was riding with heavy traffic in the rightmost lane on a three lane street, I lifted my left arm to signal a lane change into the middle lane (in preparation for a left turn in a hundred yards) and … had a ‘tank slapper’ with me and the Strida gryating wildly out of control.

I vaguely remember applying the rear brake - which probably shifted my weight forward making the bike even more uncontrollable and … quickly crashed into the 12" curb on the right side of the road which propelled me into an amazingly soft landing in some overgrown grass.

I was not hurt at all - had just a small grass stain on my right shin.
The Strida has deep gouges on the right side of the bottom tube at the curve but nothing else.

Several cars stopped to see if I was alive - they all said it was an amazing looking crash.

After regaining my composure - and checking out the Strida, I continued my ~8 mile commute to the train station.

On the way I experimented with my position fore and aft while riding.
When I sit forward on the saddle, the steering is AMAZINGLY twitchy.
When I sit back on the saddle, the steering was passable.

Is my crash experience normal?
Should I expect it to happen again?
What can I do to lessen the twitchiness feeling?


I don’t have the right answer and can only speak from my experience. Stirda’s short wheel base, small wheels, and almost centrally located handlebar contribute to its unique ride quality. Yes, adjusting your saddle position may help, but Strida is inherently (IMHO) less stable than conventional bikes. But once you get used to it, you’d love its nimbleness. I ride on the crazy Manhattan streets all the time, and Strida’s responsiveness allows me to get around cars, buses trucks, and our infamous yellow cabs easily. Which, by the way, I probably shouldn’t do.

Dear Fwd-Bwd (forward - backward???),

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my query.

I was home sick yesterday and lowered the saddle by 2 ‘notches’ (maybe one inch), and shifted the saddle back as far as it would go (maybe half an inch).

After a short test ride around the parking lot the steering felt better - less twitchy.

I’ll find out for sure as soon as I am well enough to get back to work - at work (as compared to working from home as I did today).


ps - the saddle was the first thing I replaced on my new Strida. Out with the wannabe Brooks saddle, and in with a Specialized Expedition Plus saddle.

pps - second replacement, the extremely slippery too small for my hands leather grips for some Ergon GC2 grips with bar end thingies.