Aluminium freewheels (rear pulleys) for Strida 5

The plastic wheeled Strida 3 has a plastic rear pulley and the later metal wheeled Strida 3 has a metal rear pulley. I know that plastic pulleys wear out more quickly than metal, so why is the metal wheeled Strida 5 changed back to use plastic rear pulley again?

Why do they sell metal freewheels (rear pulleys) as optional accessories now?

I just wonder about that. :unamused:

These must weigh A LOT, and why try and re-invent the freewheel ? … especially as freewheels have been tried and tested for 60+ years :confused: .

They also cost a LOT. 2100 TWD runs out at £43!!! That’s a lot for a freewheel. I suspect that this might be the main reason that the plastic one is put on the bike as standard. They look nice though. So would an alloy front pulley.

Actually that price is about the going rate for a quality freewheel. I paid more for the White Industries ENO freewheel I installed on the flip-flop hub of my Bianchi fixie. You do not want to skimp on a freewheel.

New to this forum and find it very cool! I have a 5 for a couple of years now in NYC. I love in the subways. Anyway, I’m very interested in the aluminum freewheels pictured here. Unfortunately it is in Chinese?, which I don’t understand. Any help with availability?