Alloy Freewheel install

Hello everybody, I have a question related to the alloy freewheel install, this is my second one and the third one the bicycle, the first one was the resin one that lasted for a year, the second one has difficults when costing even after a good lubrication so I opted for getting a new one.

like others, the first time I installed the alloy freewheel I left the whasher of the resin one, causing some trouble in the installation, Reading on this forum I learned what was wrong, so in the end I need advise with the install procedure for the new one

Ok when installing the new freewheel after screwing it in, it’s neccesary to hammer it?, the same way as the removal procedure? or only using the extractor and the adjustable wrench untill it doesn’t move?

Please, any advice will be appreciated.



I’m happy that you could find the required info :smiley:

Don’t worry, simple tghtening by hand does it, no need to use force.
You must imagine that each time if you pedal (hard) the connection is tightened automatically.
That is also the reason why it is so hard to loosen :wink:

Thanks BSA again for your fast response, tonight I’m going to procede with the install.


Sure Simon :laughing:

Well, tonight translated in my time will be much later than midnight…
…live assistance most likely not available at this time - sorry :unamused:

Good luck anyway,


Hi BSA! after 8o kilometers (one week conmute) everithing is smooth, the ride feels solid, coasting fells normal at high speed, but moving the bicycle arround slow causes the chainwheel to turn constantly, feeling when moving the pedals by hand there is some drag, so my question is if this can be considered normal or not?, its a new freewhell

Please your advice



Hello Simon,

thanks, fine to read that :smiley:

I mean the Strida freewheels do have more drag than others.
But 80 kilometres are, for my money, not enough to run-in.
A few hundred and it should be better.

Belt tension shouldn’t be too high and please don’t adjust it in folded frame position…just sayin’… :wink:

BSA, thanks again for your fast response I’ll keep pedaling for some weeks until I make a couple of hundred kilometers to report!

One tip I found useful from the bike shop mechanic is to apply grease on the hub threads before you install the freewheel. This will make removal of the freewheel easy with just a few hammer strokes.