Alloy folding pedals repair

For some perhaps peanuts, but I think it’s not wrong to repair folding pedals, worth 50 or 60 €, by replacing a few cheap plastic parts…

A complete set of plastic gear parts should look like above, the four plastic eyelets are identical and not marked, there are four outer gears with round shape (two marked left L and two right R) and four inner gears, also marked in pairs left and right.
In the following pic sequence I’ve started with separating the pedal parts for the right pedal.

First the two inner gears; teeth looking away from the viewer

…next two eyelets; oriented 90° to the pedal platform, giving the eyelet opening as much room as possible.

Sooo…the next steps are the trickiest of the whole operation…attention please:
Note that the right thumb clamps the eyelet from the top – but not the thumb of the left hand; it grabs from the bottom!

Now lift both assemblies (without loosing the orientation of the parts to each other) and rotate the left hand for 180° like that:

The plastic eyelets must be first moved over both metal rectangles of the pedal body by holding them in „over“folded postion simultaneously

– after that it is possible to rotate them outwards into the normal folded position.

Once that is managed it is not that difficult to complete with the outer gear parts – the teeth look in this case also away from the viewer

Finally – and before glueing the bolts with Loctite or similar – I’d recommend to check the pedals correct folding function.

Great Post BlackStridaAustria. I have dismantled the alloy folding pedal for repair and it is a bit of a puzzle, I am sure these instructions will help the next time I take one apart. I have in the past stocked the complete kit of plastic pedal parts but I am currently out of stock. But I do have some of the parts so if someone is in need then please contact me. … epair-kit/


Thanks BlackStridaAustria,

It’s exactly what I was looking for, … after an entire afternoon trying to mount them. I contacted Bill, to see if he has the small cog wheels, those are the pieces that have broken in my Strida.

Thanks, always at your service :smiley:

Strida Canada … fantastic customer Service, very fast…

Thanks Bill, and good luck in your next Strida Travel adventure !!!


Thanks Christian again for this tip :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I can’t follow:
Below two more pics; the last gear is mounted exactly as shown.
The letters „R“ and „L“ are oriented all in the same „four o‘clock“ position.

Sorry again!!!.

The tip is perfect as it is, I was wrong with the directions. I have deleted all the previous messages to not confuse the other users.

Without these useful tips, the small repairs of our Strida would be much more complicated.

Thanks again!

Good for those wgo has a 3D printer at hand =)

[size=200]— Second Method —[/size]

Hi All,

I found another method for replacing the plastic parts of the alloy pedals (VP-F80).

Full set of plastics is described in great details in the original post of Blackstridaaustria above. I will only show you how to assemble the right pedal. Same steps could be applied on both pedals.

First, hook the two big plastic rails to the main body while leaving a small space in between:

Insert the alloy pedals into the gaps:

Now, grab the whole pedal between the thumb and the index finger of your left hand. Do not release the grip or the pedal will fall apart:

While keeping the grip, take one of the inner gears (rectangular shaped) and put it inside the pedal. The teeth should be facing the viewer and pointing away from you:

Put above the outer gear (oval shaped). The teeth are down this time and pointing to you:

Remember we are holding the pedal with our left hand and everything is oriented accordingly:

Nit the plastics with the bold, flip the pedal and repeat.

Should you have any questions, let me know.