Alloy Crankset Strida EVO 3 speed

Can anyone say me if this alloy crankset fits the Strida EVO 3 speed? … TQ:US:1123

The seller say this not fits the EVO model. What would be the difference between the ckankset
models beside the transmission relation?

No, it does not.

The seller is right.
I’d say the most obvious difference is that the crank has a direct connection to the beltwheel-
crank, spider and beltwheel are fixed together by bolts.
At the EVO it is possible to turn the crank (relatively) independent from the beltwheel.

EVO beltwheels should look like that…

Well…hope you knew that you’ll need another special tool to unmount/mount these wheels :neutral_face:

Amazing forum, prompt response with hi-tech content.
Thanks a lot.
Of course, if the EVO has 3 speeds,the crank can’t be attached directly to belt wheel.

Thanks for your interest :smiley:

Fine that you like tech talk; here’s another hint regarding the EVO beltwheels…

For whatever reasons it might be required to unmount/mount the adapter ring
(shown below the backside of an original plastic beltwheel), by loosening the four bolts -
which isn’t that complicated,

BUT for tightening them again
it is absolutely necessary to treat the four threads with greatest carefulness!!
otherwise the spider (or beltwheel) is done, a little too much torque and the threads are ripped off - you’ve been warned :exclamation:

(Shown accidentally at the outside; should be mounted at the inside.)