Advice on purchase needed

Hi all
I’m looking at these two bikes.
I’m told in good condition 4 and 8 years old but not ridden last 3.
Models , things to watch out for? Genuine?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Jim B,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

The white one is a Strida 5 version (I’d not purchase an older version nr than this.)

The black Strida must be a model 3; these had the freewheel inside of the front beltwheel and there is no chance to replace a (most likely) worn rear beltwheel because that part was incorporated into the hub (one part and not separable). Some parts of this version are not any longer available - like wheels.


Things to look for?
Yes, many :laughing:
Rear hinge (Achilles heel), locking mechanism, ball bearings of the bottom tube next to locking latch, condition of the steering ball/plastic cap, check steering bars wiggle, freewheel condition, brake pads,…you may find some more typical issues of used bikes at this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say most likely are both genuine - but to be 100% sure I’d need more detailed images; for example showing the lettering on the belt, close ups of the brake calipers/rotors and the welding seams, plus pics of the bottom bracket region (The more, the better).



Thanks Chris for all the info.
Where do prices lie secondhand? I’ve been offered both for about 500 pounds. Any issues with the 3 apart from older as compared to the five? There isnt a deal of choice secondhand here in Sweden and we’d really like the bikes for our holiday with our camper.

Sorry but I didn’t watch out for used Strida prices :smiley:
(500 Pound for both may be Ok - if they are in good condition.)

As said; I’d not buy an older one than 5…maybe you got me wrong before:
Imagine you buy the version 3 and the rear beltwheel is worn out.
The belt will start jumping and the bike will not be rideable.
You CAN NOT buy replacement parts - worst case is that you have to throw the bike away.

Did you ever ride a Strida bike before btw?

No never ridden a Strida before but I do have a Bike Friday with a short wheelbase.
How soon does the drive wear out. We wont be commuting just the odd days of exploring towns

Strida bikes are polarizing people; some start to grin during their first ride and others do not like it at all. Generally I do not recommend to buy any bike without making at least a short test ride around the block. You could check this map, perhaps there is another Strida user near you and possibly you could meet for a test ride:

At the newer versions (5 upwards) the freewheel can wear out within just 1500 kms, depending on the freewheel version, riding conditions (Stridas do not really like rain) and the power/weight of the rider. Some freewheels last for 8000 km or more, but that can’t be told in advance.

This is great advice from Blackstrida’, I wish I had asked the same question as I recently bought a Strida 3, once I had got it running I quickly realised the limited life it was going to have due to the wear on the gear wheels and the limited amount of spare parts. I have already bought a Strida 5 and all of the shortcomings of the Strida 3 have been addressed and sorted. Disc instead of hub drum brakes are cheap to get replacement pads. Rear gear wheel is aluminium (in my case) and replaceable (not integral to wheel).
The Strida 5 seems to be far more future proof, the bottom bracket is mounted with a solid welded metal case rather than a creaking plastic one.