adjusting the rear wheel magnet...? help!?

Hey guys,

new to the forum, but im working on my s5 and I want to make sure the rear wheel magnet is stronger.

the manual says there is some adjustment screw to make it stronger or weaker.

i don’t see this on my strida5 rear wheel. is it on the back side of the magnet cap?


Its a tiny (M3) set screw on the rear (wobbly) magnet keeper. I got a tiny 1mm allen key with mine. To make the magnet grip stronger, the gap between the magnet and this keeper needs to be smaller – screw IN and to make it weaker the gap needs to be bigger (screw OUT). Tiny adjustments make quite a difference.

there is a picture (near bottom) of this as part of this article about Strida design… … k-sanders/

The back bit some play to wobble just enough so that when the magnet come in contact they self align … with only the set screw controlling the (tiny) gap. This play is controlled by the number nylon washers under the magnet keeper.[/url]

ok i registered and for some reason the forum won’t allow me to reply with logging in…hmm

anyways thanks for that help… i took another look and my set screw is actually missing so its `100% strength all the time. it doesn’t seem strong enough… i guess i’ll have to work at a few more solutions!

but that pic and that dezeen blog thread is priceless! google didn’t help me on that one!

If that sreew is missing they should send you one?

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hey thanks for the tips guys.

actually the screw is of no use to me. if its flush or missing from the rear hub, then that means the magnets are at full power. that is what i am looking for, but the rear wheels always come apart anyway… i learned that i have to hold the bike more upright when wheeling it along, I guess a combo of gravity pushing more downwards helps keep the wheels together!

all in all, an impressive bike tho.

now to find a nice saddle!