Adjusting Saddle strida 5.2

Just got my brand new Strida 5.2 already built but am confused about trying to lower it. Well, brand new never used but bought on eBay. :mrgreen:

OK, being a female am confused easily. :open_mouth:

After removing saddle post etc there is a pin already inserted then further down another hole, does that mean I can move the pin down? If so do you just pull it out?

If none of these how can I move the saddle down?



Yes you can move the pin. It is actually just a guide so that you can tell when the seat is aligned correctly – it does not (it must not, as a matter of fact) bear any weight. The crucial part is to make sure that you tighten the top and bottom seat-clamp bolts properly.

Isn’t that just a tad bit … sexist? I was surprised to hear that from a woman herself.

Many thanks, you explained everything so clearly.

Then be surprised “Guest”!
Look, I become an OAP next month, so I can say whatever I want, call it dementia. :laughing: Just don’t get in my way when I am on my Strida. :smiling_imp:

Haha, I was wrong about you Ruff. You rule!

Guest above