adjusting rear brake


The rear brake on my Strida 5 is completely loose. As usual with this bike the simplest thing turns out to be complicated…
I have an Allen key but what do I do next ?

Good Day, I think you will find my blog post Strida Brakes Explained helpful,

If you need more help ask here or contact me through my web site.

Cheers, Bill

Hello biffa bacon,

Bill told me already some details about your issue, please don’t worry :smiley:

Unfortunately I don’t know a Strida mechanic at your location, but an experienced bike mechanic shouldn’t have problems to remount and perhaps adjust your brake properly.
I’d suggest you look for a communicative, older and English speaking mechanic - (s)he may want to ask Bill or me in the case there are still questions left over.
Maybe you prefer to speak German?

Best regards,