adjusting kick stand height

I recently bought a kickstand for my Strida SX.
I think I correctly mounted it on the BB by replacing the screw with the screw delivered with the kick stand and the small mounting piece inbetween.
The problem is that when you change the height of the kickstand, you also change the belt tension.
Now I had to put the kickstand higher because it was quite close to the ground when folded in.
But by doing this, the belt tension also increased.
I think the belt tension is a bit too much now.

Seems like a design error?

Hello stridasxfolder,

the bolt which you have mounted together with the kickstand is not intended for heigth adjustment!
It is for belt tension only.

Please readjust belt tension first,
then use the Philips screw beneath the “Strida” emblem for kickstand height adjustment :wink:

Sorry maybe i was not clear enough.
I meant the height when the kickstand is folded in.
When you adjust the belt tension it has an effect on how low the kickstand still is.

Changing the belt tension has an effect on the angle of the kickstand and vice versa.

I see, that was meant as a pure design question.
If you meant, the kickstand is a thorn in your eye, I’m with you.
The Strida kickstand seems to be a common bikestand which was “glued” careless to the bottom bracket. :confused:
It would be great to see a kickstand made especially for Strida, preferred simply detachable and, naturally, foldable :sunglasses:
Seen technically, it would be better to mount the kickstand not at the belt tensioning bolt…

You’re welcome to create a new kickstand for us.

I’m considering to take it off again, so then i can put the belt tension back to what is was, much less tension.


I recently bought the 1986 Strida 1. It’s a wonderful bike, but I need to attach a kickstand to it. I checked out all of the universal kickstands online, but the clamp looks too narrow for the Strida frame. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do or how I can build a kickstand myself?