ABS for bicycles

ABS for bicycles. :sunglasses:

After I went over the bar on Strida (what do you normally do when some idiot motorist suddenly honks right in your ear? As it turned out, I squeeze the breaks like crazy), I started searching for an ABS. I came across this ABS Modulator, and the guy who invented it was so nice to answer my questions about his invention. My face was healed over soon along with my striving for safety, but you may be interested:

Q: Is your ABS Modulator a purely mechanical or electronic system?
A: Purely mechanical .

Q: Am I right that with the device installed there are no more difference between the left and right brake lever? I.e. the biker can use any or both with the same result?
A: The biker can biker can use Left hand , Right hand or Both at the same time . Same result.

Q: The near-locking breaking force limit for the front wheel is different from bike to bike. Does you device allow individual adjustment of this limit?
A: No Individual adjustments.

Q: Does the device allow for individual adjustment of the force distribution ratio between the wheels? I.e. for shorter-base bikes, like Strida, it should be different than for, say, road bikes.
A: The BudBrake performs on any cable operated bicycle brake system regardless of frame size or style.

Q: Does the device automatically adjust itself to the brake pads wear (i.e. the cable travel could change with time to keep the same force)?
A: The BudBrake adjust itself to normal wear but the brakes should be adjusted as regular maintenance .

Happy New Year and ride safely!

Thanks cubicapple, very interesting mechanism…
Do you consider to order that apparatus?

According to this

Bud Nilsson said:

Wow, interesting, thanks! I didn’t see this article back then. I think I’ll order one just to give it a try – but I’m still a bit skeptical about the one-size-fits-all approach.

Agree fully.