About installing the electric booster


Can install it in strida?

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Did you mean this:


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YES :exclamation:

That could maybe work - if you are able to mount it on the Strida frame.

Need to punch holes or find brackets to lock?

Please do not even think of punching holes in Strida frames!
(There are already too many holes.)

Yes, brackets or anything like that.

You saw that the “booster” is mounted at the kickstand plate, right?
But the Strida does not have such a plate.
The mounting point for the Strida kickstand is much more forward.
There will be more distance between rear tyre and mounting point.
If you find a way to compensate the difference it might work.

You could search for the “Hiddenpower” drive and compare them, that could help you I think.

Thank you very much for your answer. The price and transportation of Hiddenpower are not friendly. Can I install it like this youtube.com/watch?v=0Xg3Ml2zeuY

No, not really.
You will have much work with matching brackets.
The Hiddenpower thing was ready made for Strida, but the “booster” is not.