A Strida newbie

Hi, i have been an admirer of the Strida since i saw one in a museum in Ipswich last year (a mk3 i believe)
Anyway, last weekend i visited Milton Keynes and in their museum was a Mk1…i was allowed a ride and was hooked. That evening i looked on ebay and bought an early Mk1 from Northern Ireland.
Today it arrived in Norfolk and it’s brilliant. It’s frame number 549 and i have messagered Mark Sanders who confirms it’s very early.
It’s in pretty good condition and its only going to need light restoration work, i am wanting to retain its originality

Hi Cavboy 80,

welcome at Stridaforum and good luck with your new old lady :laughing:

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Thanks Chris, once i can figure out how to post up pictures i’ll do so.

Just click the “Img” button and insert your image link between the brackets as above.

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I have also just become a Strida newbie :smiley: and my early Strida 2, is in need of some basic TLC.

I’m doing all the simple basics (cleaning, brake cable adjustments, new tyres and lubrication on brake cables, pedals.)

I know the belt is not lubricated, but is there any guide to do and don’ts and any adjustments to keep the bike tip-top functional?

All the old documents are still here;

Here are the direct links, recommendable seems to combine these two



and don’t miss that one:


That should answer many of your questions - we are still here for the remaining :laughing:

Thank you Blackstridaaustria :smiley:

That will keep me busy, busy, busy :slight_smile: