5 Day trip along the northern coastline of Portugal (320 km)

I took a few days of vacations and decided to make a small trip with my STRIDA along the coastline of Portugal.
The trip was made with another person that ride a DAHON Vybe bicycle with 7 gears.
When I was planning the route, my goal was to avoid hilly paths and to be as close to the coast as possible.
The weather was nice (maybe a bit too hot). We have ride 90% on bicycle paths, and the rest on tarmac, gravel, sand and mud. I was amazed with the kilometers of bicycle paths that my country already has…

This is the summary of the stages:

Day #0
Home - Train Station
Distance: 23,9km
Avg Speed: 13,2km/h
Máx Speed: 34,5km/h
Meters Climbed: 23,6
Total Time: 1h49

Day #1
Valença - Monção - Caminha
Distance: 67,9km
Avg Speed: 11,2km/h
Máx Speed: 48,5km/h :smiling_imp:
Meters Climbed: 254,5
Total Time: 6h04

Day #2
Caminha - Esposende
Distance: 56,5km
Avg Speed: 12,8km/h
Máx Speed: 47,4km/h
Meters Climbed: 235,0
Total Time: 4h25

Day #3
Esposende - Matosinhos
Distance: 51,9km
Avg Speed: 10,7km/h :blush:
Máx Speed: 28,5km/h
Meters Climbed: 152,8
Total Time: 4h50

Day #4
Matosinhos - Furadouro
Distance: 51,7km
Avg Speed: 14,3km/h
Máx Speed: 30,2km/h
Meters Climbed: 89,4
Total Time: 3h36

Day #5
Furadouro - Aveiro / Bus Station - Home
Distance: 67,7km
Avg Speed: 14,2km/h
Máx Speed: 30,3km/h
Meters Climbed: 107,6
Total Time: 4h47


  • The STRIDA original saddle keeps giving me severe pains. I must find a way of getting more comfort;
  • I miss the aluminum rack to put some more weight or even some pannier bags.

Some pics:

Hope you enjoy!

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Hi Pedro,

Thank you for detailed route and fine photo. You mentioned both Strida and Dahon so does this mean you had two separate trips? Anyway I write this reply as I was thinking on my trip to Lisbon in December 2014. Unfortunately not with bicycle but a kick scooter. My hobby, geocaching makes me to visit areas which I hardly would visit otherwise. I was impressed by the high quality bicycle lane along road N247. Sorry that I can’t tell how far west I kicked my scooter, but here two photos anyway.

About the original saddle of Strida; few days after I had received my Strida EVO I wanted more comfortable saddle and ordered Brooks B67. Later in a situation I remounted Strida’s and OUCH! how terrible it this saddle fell I can ensure you. Here on forum are several discussions about various saddles.


I wanted to say that I made the trip with the company of a friend who traveled in a Dahon Vybe. :blush:

Me too. :open_mouth: :laughing:

Thank you for the tip! :wink: