3rd Generation Freewheel

Hi everyone. Is the 3rd generation freewheel available in your contry? I have spare 2nd generation freewheel (Aluminum) but if the 3rd gen are out in the market, I will upgrade and sell the older ones.

Sorry - How does one tell what generation / version of their “free wheel”?

I purchased a spare Aluminum Freewheel when I was in the USA - from my travels. So I assume that’s 2nd Generation. The plastic is 1st Generation? So what is 3rd Generation - how does one tell?

This is what I am referring to (pic from amazon.com)

Top is aluminum
Bottom is the plastic one.

Three Freewheels comparison.

Hi Willie,

the third generation freewheels appeared already years ago; first version was made of plastic, second Aluminium and third again plastic ( :unamused: ).

Hi Chester,

these are maybe not available in my small country Austria - but anyway in Europe, for example the oddcyclist from Sweden has them.

Before giving the Aluminium ones away I’d wait for reliable durability reports about the third generation plastic version :neutral_face:



Hi Chris (BSA),

You are right. We’ll have to wait for reliability reports. And another concern is parts availability. The good thing about the 3rd Gen freewheel is easy disassembly since the ball bearings are in a cage, But what I’m interested on is the plastic shell.There should be at least a replacement part in case worn out teeth and the freewheel mechanism is intact and can be reused.

I remember to have asked somebody official for plastic freewheel replacement parts - the answer was negative back then. :frowning:

Hi Chris,

That would be a bummer. In that case I wouldn’t mind using 1st gen freewheel since it maybe less expensive than the 2nd gen. It wouldn’t hurt the wallet that much if we’re to dispose of the worn out freewheel anyway.

Dear Chester - you nailed it :neutral_face:
Just the freewheel is not a bargain;
at least in Europe you have to expect costs of ~ 60 € (~ 74 US$).

Side note — may I ask should I be paranoid when riding on dusty roads where debris falls into the “exposed” free wheel - it will greatly increase the wear? Not to sound silly I am thinking of trying to have something sit over that exposed part - so that it does not get all the loose road grit trapped on the cogs? Every now then I spray the grit out and air dry.

Anyone can advise?

I bought a spare free wheel - yes not cheap - and thankyou for this thread I think I have the Mk2 version.

Hi Willie,

I’m a bit unsure about this one…can we say that you want some kind of mudguard for those parts of the freewheel which are not covered by the belt?

If yes - just why not try?

But for the lifetime of the freewheel’s inner parts the presence of a sealing will be also important - did you notice this post by Bietrume?
Re: 2014 plastic freewheel interior view

:question: Do yours have sealings?


Oh I been riding alot in the rain and all the mud and road crap is all flying into my rear exposed free-wheel.

See pic below. I really wished it was “covered”. Wouldn’t all this grit add to the wear when the Kelvar belt latches onto the teeth of the free-wheel when I ride?

I purchased 2 spare free-wheels - on standby haha. Don’t wish to be stuck without spare parts!