3 Gear Box Strida EVO3

i am new in this forum and i want to buy a strida-bike. :smiley:
The next dealer is over 100 km away from me and therefore i have some questions here.

I am 1,83 m. Will i get problems with my knees and the handlebar?

Shoud i buy the strida with or without the 3-gear Box?
What are the translations of the 3-gear Box in comparison with the single-Speed?

THX and have a good day and stay healthy,


Hello Karl,

at Stridaforum
Most likely they required infos are present already - just to find it may be tricky, I do know that very well :confused:

Yes indeed, there may occure problems - with the standard, short handlebars.
But not with either the bent steering kit or the moustache bars:

That is solely your decision, depending on many very personal attributes.
Besides of the financial aspect, the local road situation (hills?) and other logical considerations I’d recommend that you ask yourself questions like these:

  • Can I do simple maintenance by myself?
  • If not, as there is no Strida dealer near - is there another experienced and nice bike workshop within reach who could assist me?
  • Am I willing and able to install, for example, a kit of wider steering bars by myself?

Most likely you mean the development and the EVO drive info is right here:
Re: Gear ratios information about different models of Strida

Hint: To find more about the EVO drive please use the forum search and keyword β€œSturmey Archer KS3”, too :wink:

Kind regards,


Hello Karl, I think you are fortunate if you have a Strida dealer only 100 km away, as that is not the case in North America. When considering the three speed I also think it is important to consider how fast you want to go, the third gear does make more speed easier. I have published this post that may help, stridacanada.ca/shop/strida-bike/

Cheers, Bill

Hi Karl,

I think another consideration is the choice of wheels. I have both Strida 5 and Evo 3. My 5 came with 16" while the Evo 3 came with 18".
The tire choices are so limited for the 18", essentially only 2 choices, and both are very narrow to avoid rubbing on the frame. While I am running 16/1.75 on my Strida 5 which simply soaks up the road bumps, the widest choice for 18 is I think 1.35.

Happy shopping!


Hello Bill,
you refer to stridacanada.
There I found the information i was searching:
β€œthe lower gear is the same as the LT, the middle gear is the same as the SX and the higher gear is faster than the SX”
THX for this information.