2012 Strida SX Black for sale

Hello. I just bought a StridaSX Black and I am amazed by this byke because of its design and all the technology. Unfortunately after some use I realised that it doesn’t fit my needings so I am trying to sell it, preferably to someone in europe.

It was bought in the 1st July.
It has all the original pieces, the kickstand, the frame protectionand the led lights (front and back)
I am selling it for €625, including shipping fees to all over europe.

Still available ?
Where are you from ?

Hello! Sorry fr this late answer.
Yes it is still available, and I can send you more photos, if you wish.
I am from Portugal.

Still available ?
Im from Hungary
Can u send more pictures?

hello geri. haven’t come here for some days now, sorry for that.
well, I am not selling the bike anymore, at least for now. it is an awsome bicycle!
the main problem it has (1 velocity) has been passed through with leg muscle! :slight_smile:

thanks for the interest though.
good luck

Very good! :smiley:

Have fun and a safe ride!

Thanks ur answer!
I’LL buy a new one! Have fun!