2 strida1's on Ebay UK

1 for spares: #251254972874
ebay.co.uk/itm/251254972874? … 1423.l2649

another looks very good: #321102176982
ebay.co.uk/itm/321102176982? … 1423.l2649

ebay.co.uk is a GREAT place for Strida1 spares and whole bikes :smiley:

FWIW if the advert says ‘for collection only’ … no probs, even from other countries…
you just have to:

  1. Email seller via ebay, to get the seller to agree to pack the bike (or at least cover with bubble wrap and bag it) AND allow a courier to collect.

  2. Arrange collection and delivery via Parcelforce (48 in UK or Economy out of UK) …

The size of package will give final price and this is reasonable as long as the dimensional weight is under 30Kg …
all done remotely … parcelforce collect :smiley:
parcelforce.com/ [uses IE / safari only … not other browsers eg chrome etc.]

Just bought this one…

a few hours ago, usual steering ball joint break but it had the cracked bit, in the last hour or so I have taken off the plastic ball joint -handlebar steerer bit (had to drill out joining bolt) stage one super glue…i will leave that overnight, then follow with a soldering iron melt, then 2 part epoxy, hope that holds it together … can’t wait to ride it…

Further update on e-bay purchase.

The top ball joint seems to have glued/welded OK but I can see why they break seems quite fragile, put it back together. Took it for its first very short 1mile spin, first impressions are quick handling, low geared more less cannot peddle if any downhill gradient but generally surprised how one gear seemed Ok but no steep hills yet. Seemed to jump on the sprockets occasionally or whatever you call them especially under heavy load. Quite a lot of flex and wobble in various joints and bearings. The drum brakes seem quite weak especially rear. I have also noticed it doesn’t fold up that small especially as mk1 has fixed bars when I collected it I couldn’t actually get it in the boot of my car (my folding Dahon fits easily). Cost so far 2 part epoxy about £5 , pack of small self tappers for top ball-joint molding about £1

Lets see how it goes with a few more miles on it.next week I will attempt my short commute on it.


Hi Nobby,

welcome at Stridaforum and many thanks for your report!

Have fun and a safe ride :smiley:

Adjusted the front brake which now works well. The shoes on the rear had metal fragments in them cleaned them up, as well as the drum which is badly scored, is it really meant to be Aluminium alloy ? After this was able to re-grease and do up the cones tighter (lining were preventing good adjustment) result back brake works well , belt doesn’t slip so far and a bit less wobble.

I have ridden it for fun and on my commute, oddly I miss the gears more on the downhills. It is quite a small bike, I am only 5ft 5in (165cm) and it feels a bit small, are the later ones bigger ? The saddle especially feels to close in.

Lets see how it goes, I like to ride fast if I can with my usual bikes, I like it but the lack of gears mean I have to get into a different frame of mind.

Cheers Nobby