2 speed broken

Hi All,

First post here. Been browsing the forum for a while, but now i have an issue with my strida 2 speed.

I have a Strida MAS 2 speed ATS. But today the easier gear stopped working, when i select it, the pedals just turn freely, without any traction. the heavier gear works fine.

Any ideas, is this just a spring somewhere, or do i need to replace the complete gear system? I am quite handy, so taking it apart and replacing bits is always an option… :wink:



Hello Nico,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

Sorry to hear that - principially you could refer to the Schlumpf speed drive manual for trouble shooting and repairment hints;

Best regards,


Hi Chris,

Tnx for the info I have contacted BikeGang to ask if they would have one in stock.

Thought about downgrading to 1 speed, but all the new parts combined come close to price of a new 2 speed…

Waiting for them to reply.


Hi Nico,

hope you noticed that bikegang’s ATS comes from Taiwan!

Guess you calculated the price for all new parts - did you consider used single speed parts?

Best solution:
May I invite you to visit my friend’s professional workstore here in Vienna?
Accidentally he’s folding bike dealer - let’s meet there :laughing:

Not that good, but also possible:

  1. I lend you single speed parts and tools against deposit.
  2. You change drive trains and send me the ATS.
  3. You test single speed while we try to repair the ATS.
  4. Depending on results of 3. you decide next step (keep single, change to repaired/new ATS/Schlumpf).
  5. You send back tools (and perhaps single speed parts), once received you get back deposit.


Hi Chris,

Awesome plan! This made my day!
On a holiday with the family at the moment and needed to walk up the hill because my easy gear was broken, i was thinking of possible solutions, even swapping out the whole bottom bar with my other single gear strida was one, but preferred not to break up two working strida’s…

The swapping out & trying to fix plan is also a great option. I will send you a PM with my email and happy to deposit.

Although visiting Austria would be Ideal, but sadly not feasible in short term. Living in Belgium myself, i have been there plenty of times, were are you located?

Again many many thanks! one happy Nico

Hi Nico,

the coordinates to the right guide you to the centre of Vienna - I’m located in the northern part :smiley:
Sorry that you can’t come but don’t worry :smiley:
Mailed you already,