195km Trip from Parede to Zambujeira do Mar (PORTUGAL)

Last week, I had the opportunity to make my first multi-day trip with my STRIDA LT.
I decided to go from Parede, in Cascais to Zambujeira do Mar, in Alentejo, on a total of 194km along the southwest coast line of PORTUGAL.
The trip was made with the company of another bicycle, a 7 gears BTWIN Tilt 500.
My STRIDA went for this ride fully original, and with 5kg of luggage (Tent, clothes, etc).
The weather was quite nice (cloudy and around 21ºC). We have ride 95% on tarmac roads, and the other 5% on gravel roads.

This is the summary of the stages:

Day #1
From Parede to Setúbal
Distance: 50,8km
Avg Speed: 13,5km/h
Máx Speed: 47,2km/h
Meters Climbed: 162,7
Total Time: 3h45

Day #2
From Setúbal to Porto Covo
Distance: 93,4km
Avg Speed: 12,3km/h
Máx Speed: 43,1km/h
Meters Climbed: 417,9
Total Time: 7h34

Day #3
From Porto Covo to Zambujeira do Mar
Distance: 50,0km
Avg Speed: 14,8km/h
Máx Speed: 39,8km/h
Meters Climbed: 179,4
Total Time: 3h23

Main conclusions:

  • The STRIDA LT isn’t the fastest nor the most comfortable bicycle for this kind of rides, but surely is a very funny way of travelling.
  • I missed the aluminum rack that will allow me to put all my luggage there, instead of carrying a bag on my back.
  • 50 to 70km per day will be the perfect distance to cover, considering my lack of training.
  • I didn’t miss to have gears because all the way was pretty flat but i’m sure they should give a good input.
  • I missed a more confortable saddle!!!

Some pics:

I mean that is a really remarkable, long trip :open_mouth:

Respect; that are distances which I can only dream of :sunglasses:

Thanks very much for posting!

That is a great sharing for me.

Thank you so much !