18" Wheels Upgrade for Strida LT

Any good suggestions on what 18" wheels to use for Strida LT? Is it easy to upgrade to 18" wheels? Thanks in advance!


There is no choice - original Strida 18" wheels!

Europe: http://vanmoof.com/shop/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=112_114&products_id=138
USA: http://www.areaware.com/proddetail.asp?prod=cyspwb18&CatID=162

Please read this post first, LT wheels or common spoked 16" wheels require equal installing process.

Depending on the type of your 18" wheel set (with/without brake rotors and freewheel - there are different sets on the market) you’ll need a few tools.
Most important are A, F, G, H, and I (partial), description here.
You should also have the original Strida tools (t - shaped combination of Allen keys and the two small Allen keys).
You have to readjust the belt tension and (maybe) the brake pads.

Your next question, please? :smiley:



Thank you for replying!

Does this set come with new mud guards or can I just use the old ones?

That’s also depending on your local dealer, at Vanmoof they are included.
(The spatlap is not included.)
Please ask your dealer about it!