18" mudguards mounted today on my 5.2 with Marathon Plus

I received and mounted 18" mudguards [1] with rear extension [2] today.

I grew tired of punctures. First running the original Kenda Kwests, then Schwalbe Marathon Racers (both 40-305 on the original rims).

Since the Marathon Plus [3] (which I wanted due to the puncture protection) doesn’t come in 40-305, but in 35-355, they fit the original 18" rim upgrade which I then ordered [4].

Before upgrading, I asked Strida Europe / Vanmoof if the tyres would fit. They didn’t know, but sent me pictures of Marathon Racers (40-355) fitted on a 5.2 which almost touched the frame due the width, so it was a bit of a gamble. At the same time 35 mm isn’t that wide compared to the original upgrade tyres (Kojak 32-355).

The only thing I did that departed from standard procedure when mounting the original 18" mudguards due to the extra width of my tyres, was removing the upper spacer for the front fender since the screw came a little close the side of the tyre.

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So the 18" fender is available in Europe now. Good to know. Thanks for sharing.

that’s pretty nice now that you don’t have to stretch your old fenders anymore.

Can you post some photos?

I wonder if they are longer than the 16’’ or is only the curvature smaller…

@fwd-bwd: “sharing is caring” :slight_smile:

@537635: Off the top of my head, I’d say that they’re longer as well. I’ll try to take some pictures!

The 18" mudguards are longer and narrower.

Thanks! I’m still waiting for mine. The weather is nice though but you never know :slight_smile: .

Hi all.

Today I have received and fitted my 18" mudguards.

A nice advice: :wink:

If you have mounted the 18 wheels previously, you dont need to dismantle the wheels for fitting the new mudguards.
Just, deinflate the tyres and you will get the proper clearance for accesing to the upper screws.



I manged to do so only for the rear wheel when I mounted mine.

The front wheel however, I had to dismantle (which is a breeze compared to the rear one).

I think it’s because of my Marathon Pluses which are much thicker than the Kojaks.

Maybe, Even in the case of marathon tyres I think it would be easier to remove only the tyres instead of the whole wheels and brakes sets.



Anyone willing to buy us U.S. guys 18" mudguards and ship them? Areaware U.S. doesn’t know when they are gonna get them in. sigh

the 18 inch fenders and mud guards are now available a areaware for the north american folks. but the only problem is that they only have 8 sets (7 now after I ordered mine) so get them while they still have them. They aren’t listed but you will have to ask them.

Does anyone here know what’s the widest tire you can put on the 18 inch wheel strida before it hits the fenders?

I know someone above did it with the marathon pluses at 18x1.35 but will this work with a marathon racer at 18x1.5 was anyone successful? I looked at it with my kojaks and there seems to be very little tolerance to go any wider than the marathon plus this is mostly because of the screws holding the fender would hit the tire.

If I had to choose comfort over getting crap on me while running over puddles and stuff. I’d choose the fenders anyday! else I might have to settle with those 1.35 innova tires Amuro pointed out cause the marathon pluses are really heavy! 1kg for the set!?

As I wrote in my original post above:

In other words; I don’t think you can go any wider than 35 mm without trouble.

there is always the hairdryer to tweak the sizes/shapes :smiley:
(admittedly that cannot make a narrow fender wider … but I got 3 sets of fenders with my Strida, so there are enough to experiment with :smiley: )

Maaaan my bad I didn’t catch that at the top. yeah I guess when I one day get a 2 speed I can go back to my 16 inch wheels and slap whatever tire I want on there but for now those 18 inch wheels are very very sweet for the ride I can’t go back! :slight_smile:

Yes, but what they told me, and showed me in the picures, was that the 40 mm wide Marathon Racer was very close to the frame.

In other words, the fenders doesn’t seem to be the problem.

I’m very happy with my puncture-free Marathon Plus experience so far, but of course the 40-305 Marathon Racers I had before handled much better, so please post your findings here.

I also received my mudguards. But unfortunately two days ago in my 60km ride around the city I popped my rear kojak and it tore through the kevlar! sooo changed the tube and switched the broken tire to the front pumped it back up to a max of 40psi to make it to the bike store. all the store had was a 355 marathon racer so after installation I think i had like around 1-2 mm of clearance in the rear wheel. The fender for the back is a no go. I kept the good kojak in the front and the racer in the back cause it’s a higher gearing with the bigger tire it felt. I’m going to try get one of those quick release clip on fenders that full size bikes use and position it over the rear wheel. I might as well get the most use out of this tire since I bought it and it performs actually pretty good. Only thing is that I have to cut those little rubber nubs out of the side of the tire cause those pieces rub against the frame, besides that it should be ok. That’s how close of a clearance i have, i’ll post pics when I get a successful rear fender for the bike :slight_smile:.

I wish you the very best of luck!

Pls, post your findings here!

Ok latest update:

I went to like 4-5 stores around town and checked out MANY of these clip on fenders and most of them are definitely a NO GO! the non adjustable ones are making the fender look silly almost pointing it up to the air because our bottom tube is at a inward angle instead of sloping towards the back wheel like full sized bikes. Also the adjustable ones are OK to do BUT you will have to sacrifice the built in rack because it will be in the way. I cannot go without a rack since this strida is my go to work bike and I really use that rack daily with my clothes and lunch and office junk.

So in the end it looks like I will have to order the tires from GUM.hk they have the innova tires there and it is like less than HALF price of those schawble marathon pluses and lighter too! I’ll pick up two of them and just fold up my last kojak (kevlar folding beads!) for emergencies when I tour long distance. They have them at a good price philip quoted 230hkd per tire with tube (i’m asking for tire only) and also shipping is only 180 hkd for everything. All this and is it still cheaper than ONE marathon plus tire hahahah! I love it!