18 inch tire alternatives

I’m looking for an alternative to the Schwalbe Kojak 18 inch tires that are standard on the Strida SX.
The roads I’m doing in the biker unfriendly Brussels are minefield for flat tires.

Sadly there are not much alternatives, only two.
Please read on here:

Thicker 18" wheels for SX

Torn rear hub

Thanks, I will try out the Schwalbe Marathon Plus.

Gladly :smiley:
It should be no problem to order them via your local dealer, I mean.
Innova’s are maybe hard to find in Europe.

Have a safe ride!

Found Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires for 30 euro a piece. Riding on them for 2 weeks really happy.
A bit more resistance ofcourse compared to the Kojak, but should be much better to avoid punctures and more grip in winter.

For the Europeans here, order the tires in Germany.
I’ve ordered mine for €20 a piece from Hibike.com.

And by looking at the website of Schwalbe, it looks like they have discontinued their 18x1.35 tires. It’s either 1.25 (kojak) or 1.50 (marathon racer) now…

Thank you very much for the worthwhile hint!

OMG…wtf…they don’t even list the size 18 x 1,35 any more :open_mouth:

Another upcoming big problem for (at least) the Europeans :imp:

I can second this for the US. I thought I had a set of 18 X 1.35 marathon plus on order. They have them listed on the site, but I’m betting I’ll never see a set from them. They are notoriously slow, so I’m going to give it a few more weeks before I give up hope. I’m not in a hurry to get them so I can afford to wait.

Just an update…

I don’t want to trash on the site, but I tried to order a set of 18" Schwalbe Marathon Plus from “every bicycle tire”. I placed the order on 01/13/14. It is now 03/07/14. My order still doesn’t even have a status.

I’ve seen some folks complain they are slow. I can’t speak to that for other tires. I think it is more to the point that Schwalbe doesn’t make them any more. That said, I scored a pair off E-Bay. Hope they last me a long time!