18" custom wheels, spoked 3 cross "3 leading, 3 trailing"

Thanks to Tom Ace!
“a variation on 3-cross lacing for 36-spoke wheels”

Hubs: Original Strida 18" 36H
Spokes: Sapim Leader 2,0 mm, length 156 mm
Nipples: Sapim Polyax 14 mm

Rims: Alex DV15 (6061H-T6, 355x15) 36H, Sclaverand valve hole (!)
Rim bands: Schwalbe HP rimtape 18-355 (10870061)

Tubes: Schwalbe SV4, Sclaverand valve (!)
Tyres: Innova 18" x 1,35
Air: Viennese, ~ 6,5 bar

Compared to Alex Y303 radial spoked, tyre 16" x 1,75:

Spoke pattern details:

pics 1024x768


A masterpiece! :sunglasses:

Very cool!

(Noticed that position of sensor magnet in front wheel is well considered :slight_smile: )

Thanksthanks… :blush:

Besides the optical appearence there is also a technical meaning:
To test if it’s possible to cross spokes more than the original with less bending at the spokes…