18" Broken hub - part 340-02

Unfortunately a little piece of the back-axle (manual page 12) of the 18" has broken off. Resulting in a loose spoke. I’ve tried to order a new axle (part 340-02) or even a complete rim (part …) at Van Moof Holland. The only way they can help me is by delivering a complete two wheel 18" upgrade set… Come on…get real! Hopefully you folks have any usefull hints for me :wink:

that seems like the hub is broken from the part you are mentioning, funny that’s two broken hubs in one week! But they should be able to sell you just the hub, it would be stupid and would give them a bad rep for long term support if all you are asking for is a tiny hub and they sell you a wheel set! not just one wheel but the entire set! I would try to contact Ming to see what they can do because this is their flagship product here!

if all else fails you can check out gum.hk those guys can probably order bits and pieces. Vanmoof is probably just lazy. Even I was able to order a ball joint piece from the canadian distributor here savedbybikes.

Hello StridaFanatic,


As Edd mentioned, two broken hubs in that short time sounds not good.
I am surprised that an 18" hub broke, I thought that the 18" hubs are much better than the 16".
So we can see that loose spokes are able to kill every hub…

Do you have some pics, please?

They can’t, won’t, are not able to, however you want to phrase it.

Maybe there is a chance to get new wheels from Vanmoof by good-will (accommodation, fairness)?
Guess your bike is out of guarantee?

Anyway, I want to confirm that I’ve got meanwhile three pairs of 18" hubs from G.U.M.

3 sets of hubs!?!? what are you trying to build man? hahah! yeah GUM is the company to go to for any small parts that is strida. I guess they need it cause hong kong people ride them alot due to space concerns around the apartments! My cousin’s 700 sq feet apartment in hong kong costs more than my 2 storey home in toronto! so yeah space is a luxury there and to park a full sized bike it’s pretty expensive square feet wise. While a strida if you have a guitar stand for it only takes up 2 sqft!


Having two Stridas, I need

2 custom wheelsets for Strida presentation
2 16" sets for cruising and hilly paths
2 18" sets for speed

Is there anything unusual ?!?

And very probably one of the most important reasons to choose Strida.
Might be interesting to start a poll about this question at HKSF…

I can’t login using my DutchStridaFan account… So this is the new and improved me!

Thanks for your help folks! I managed to fix the problem by drilling a new hole and put in a custom made spoke. It still holds after 5 months. I’ll upload some pictures asap.

In the meanwhile I ran into another problem. My MAS flywheel used on the 18" wheels has worn off totally in just 5 months. This resulted in a damaged snare. For both I’m being compensated by VanMoof in Holland. And yeah mister Admin, I’ll start another thread for that one :smiley:

November last year I patched up my broken hub. I was able to drill a new hole in the flange. After 12 months and approximately 4000km it’s still holding :smiley:

Open the pic in a new window for a better overview.