wheel bearing cone

I heard noises from the rear wheel. I found that the bearing cone is scratched. Where can I get a replacement? This is for a Strida I. Many thanks for your help.

Wow… strida1 20 yrs old and still going !!

Is it such that when you adjust it another part of the surface is facing down … where most wear take place ? If so you are in luck … it should run on like that for ages.

But if it or the axle is completely worn out … I am not sure what to suggest … bearings of mk1 are same as mk2, but Mk3 went onto cartridge bearings. I think the wheels & bearings came from an italian company – barnardi ?? Or if you can find an old fashioned Mom&Pop bike shop the cones are probably standard.

Good luck

Hello jw

It seems not the Bearing problem (if you didn’t use WD40 on the bearing).

I think the noise are from the rear spokes. Look carefully the connection links of spokes. You may find out a fault near by the hub(center of wheel).

Adjusting spokes is difficult for simple user. You need an engineer like Weakling :wink:

Whoa, no I am not an engineer at all and totally fail doing such things.
I only remember that a professional at it told me that if one pretend they are harp strings one should adjust for same tone so they are even.

Engineer? At most an Telephone Technician at the State Telephone Company way back at 1970 or so. But I was not good at it. I loved to dream of building a short wave receiver immune to the spam of those days. The jamming transmitters. Sorry going off topic.

Mark Sanders liked the molded wheels. He used them still some years ago or maybe still use them? Less likely to get damaged when he take an air plane.

I am missing the molded wheel.
Anyway, I have a Black Strida5 and not any noise yet :wink:

The freewheel on my brand new Strida 5.0 never made the standard ‘clicking’ sound while coasting… It also didn’t coast very well and the pedals would spin while coasting.

I cleaned and oiled the freewheel and now it works normally, but the bearings are quite noisy.