What model is this Strida?

Hello MeneerAart,

according to this post

Old stuff about the past generations of Strida

that will be a Strida MK 3.
Please read and judge yourself, you might also compare here:


The original Strida kickstand, which is nowadays available, will not fit.
But it might be possible to mount any 3rd party kickstand, anyway not without some modifications…the help of an experienced bike mechanic will be recommendable.

Good or not good - hard to say, however is this bike a bit outdated - and spare parts might be hard to find.
If you want to become a collector of ancient Stridas it could be a good start (depending on condition)…but for everyday use I’d recommend to buy at least a Strida 5 - first built 2007 and all parts are still available.

Please do yourself a favour and stay away from fakes :wink: