What bell do you recommend?

Yesterday, my bell broke.

Should I buy a new original bell, or is there a smaller (and better) one available?

I prefer black (as the frame) or chrome (as the bars).

Hi Totte,

why small? Take a REAL bell!


250 gr, diameter 80 mm, “huge as a burger” seen on hkstrida.org

Ok, maybe for Strida this one is better (cheap with nice turning function):

Reich Mini Drehglocke
weight below 30 gr., diameter of turning wheel ~45 mm, dia. of bell ~35 mm, price ~3 Euro

Best regards

Great tip! Thanx!

Found several e-shops that had them for about 2 EUR, but none of them would ship to Sweden nor Denmark.

A different price tag, but isn’t this one really sweet?