Triangle Bag for Strida

Hello every Strider ! :smiley:
I’m happy to get a chance to introduce my INVENTION on this worldwide Strida community. It is about the Strida Bag.
As riding the beauty of bicycles(Binch’s expression^^), sometimes I had been feeling the necessity of backpack for Strida but couldn’t find any suitable one. So I imagined a bag and made it by myself ^^;
It was very difficult work but I had much time in the last winter…

Idea Sketch

StridaBag 1.0

I love military looks !!

StridaBag 2.0

The small spot is a cell-phone pocket !!

StridaBag 3.0

It was perfect like the Strida 3.0 !!

StridaBag 4.0

Soft edition !!

StridaBag 5.0

Leather bag !! :smiley:

Hey that is brilliant! I hope you patented it before posting here :wink:



This article became the most popular one here !! :open_mouth:

I know a sad fact that his friend had stolen these ideas and already made a commercial product. :unamused:
But BrotherTNT looks okay… He is very good guy. :wink:

Because I’ve posted the link of this topic on the Taiwan Strida Users Group. Hehe… :smiley: … st_id=4977

Hello BrotherTNT!

Nice bag, thanks for all the pix :slight_smile:

Particularly good that it still folds ok with the bag on.

I also like the eyes on your freewheel. Now I must think of a suitable design for mine :wink:

Did you draw the Strida “design Idea” picture?

Hello cyclistjohn

Probably, BrotherTNT drew the idea sketch by himself with 3D-Max.

Hello Binch Shin.

That’s very good too. I must take a look at 3D-Max, thanks.

That is brilliant !!

It also could be a shoulder pad when you carry a strida, without folding up steps etc on shoulder.

Finally, BrotherTNT decided to manufacture the Triangle bag. 200pcs of bags will be produced and supplied to Korean Strida Cafe members within this month. The size is 40X40X40cm and the cooperative buying price was USD 25 in Korea.

What a nice bag… hope to have one for my strida too… envy u all…

I see there hasn’t been a post about the Triangle Bags in a while.

Did they eventually get manufactured? Any plans on getting another batch made?

I’m sure lots of Strida riders (myself included) would love to get their hands on one.

I had PM’ed Brother TNT but haven’t received a reply. :frowning:

It would be great to get the specifics (cut, blueprint…whatever you want to call it) so we can get our own made. I’d much rather prefer to buy one and renumerate someone for their ingenuity and effort though.

The triangular bag on a Strida 1 :sunglasses: