thoughts after 300+ miles

i bought this because my girlfriend, who is 50, only started biking a few years ago. i figured a one speed would slow me down and amuse me while we would go off on our weekly rides. and it’s been perfect. i’m having much more fun on it than when we went with me on one of my other bikes.

i’ve taken it out a few times on my own for 20/30 mile runs just for the heck of it and again, it’s fun.

it’s a good bike if you commute/subway/bus or have a small place and storage is an issue. but other than that my final verdict is it’s way too expensive for what you get. yes, it’s well made. but, in the end, unless you have one of the above stated needs, it’s not enough bike to warrant the price.

looking back, i think if i had a do-over i would have went with something like a cvt (the cadillac brand springs to mind), for pretty much the same reasons, something to amuse me while we’re out riding. the difference is that i would have had a toy that i could do more things with. for instance i commute roughly 30 miles a day, darn near everyday, with some very hilly sections, and i took the strida one day for that but the steep inclines i couldn’t get up without a heckuva runup to it.

just my thoughts. i still like it a lot! :smiley:

Glad you are enjoying the Strida and making such good use of it. Thirty miles is a good ride on a bike like that!! The Strida is a GREAT idea - really the product of lateral thinking. Who would have sat down with a sheet of paper and designed a bike like that? And yet - it is almost perfect for its intended purpose and is also fun as you point out in unintended ones too. I’d be surprised if Sanders planned on people riding it for thirty miles at a stretch.

I totally agree with you on the price. It is nothing short of scandalous gouging. Well made - for sure, but three tubes, two small wheels and a few ancillaries justify no where near the price that is asked. This pricing policy is largely the reason why there are more clones around than originals.