TAC sound on strida 5.0

I,m new here. bought a used strida in montreal. cant find anywhere for service.

the problem I have when I press hard on the pedal I can ear a TAC sound. it feel like a skipping on the gear.
I replaced the freewhell, same problem :neutral_face:
validated the spokes ( not in tune ) but tension is decent.
when I tight the belt, it appen left often. :exclamation: that excluding the spokes tension issue.

I have a video clip to make you ear the sound of required.

Hello Evans,

I’m so sorry but I’m running out of ideas :confused:

However, we need the video uploaded somewhere, may I do that?

here is 2 short videos:

you can clearly hear 2 series of TACs sound. it feels like something is skipping. that is the reason why I replaced the free wheel.

the second video is a overview of the spokes.
I excluded spokes problem since the sound happen less when the belt is tight.

please help :confused:

If your belt is jumping over the teeth you must feel that also with your foot.

Do you actually feel that?

Not sure, but…

It seems you’re having the older snubber version with a recessed bolt (is that true?).
Back then was the snubber adjustable, nowadays it is not (straight, not recessed snubber bolt).

For me it looks like the gap (red arrow) between snubber and belt is too big.
Could you please try to adjust a play of just a few tenths of a mm?

In other words:
Move the center of the bearing (green circle - perhaps drawn exaggerated) closer to the center of the bolt (red circle).

From the “Tips from Mark” pdf, point 8:

Three layers of common letter paper = approx. 0,25 mm

Please note: That’s regarding older versions only, newer ones don’t have this mechanism.
(The newer, Allen key headed bolt is not recessed like the older hexagonal bolt and there is also no counter nut.)

Problem solved!